Hello and welcome to my projects area.

My first projects is to write a patch to sendmail and procmail to be able to do virtual e-mail
hosting using MySQL database.

When i decided to try using MySQL for keeping e-mail users in a database i found a patch
for Qpopper (Qpopper+MySQL). I installed it and it works kinda nice but then e saw that
messages first have to be delivered to the mailbox before you can get it through POP3 and
started looking for a patch for sendmail but couldn't find it. So i decided to write my own.
After as day or so of coding the patch was ready to try. So i patched Sendmail-8.9.3 and tried
to send an e-mail to a user i put in MySQL. I got a nice bounce from Sendmail saying:
"procmail, User unknown...". Humm.. Sendmail patch is not enough. So i looked at Procmail,
not the nicest code u can find but i managed to come up with some results and here they are:

I'm currently looking for a new and interesting employment opportunities
If you have something please drop me a line.
I Would love to work in Australia, UK or HK.

Here's My Resume

Mirror page is available Here

Here a TODO list that i would like to accomplish
but i dont have that much free time so any help form you guys would
much appreciated

A HOWTO in Portuges is available here.

Sendmail patch (8.10.x):
sendmail+mysql-8.10-0.2.5alpha.patch (Alpha release of 0.2.5 for sendmail 8.10, ""UNTESTED yet but seems to behave just like 8.9.3"")

Sendmail patch(8.9.3):
sendmail+mysql-0.2.3b.patch ( Experimental MySQL marco support )

(A big bugfix from the previous patch, it prevented me from having more
then one mysql map in /etc/sendmail.cf ) README.0.2.2b
sendmail+mysql-0.2.1-beta3.tar.gz A small bug fix in alias.c from beta2

sendmail+mysql-0.2.0b.patch README will follow soon

Config File (A sample of the config file)
sendmail+mysql-0.13a.patch  (Same as 0.12b plus the config file support) here's a quick README
sendmail+mysql-0.12b.patch  (With Aliases and Domainaliases support)
sendmail+mysql-0.12a.patch  (With Aliases and Domainaliases support)

procmail+mysql-0.2.1.patch (With config file)
procmail+mysql-0.2b.patch (With config file)

MySQL table:

Here's a kinda README

Changelog is here Changelog

The patches seem to work with Qpopper+Mysql patch

Here's my way to implement POP before SMTP using MySQL database to protect your mail server from spammers and still allow your custommers
to use it when not connecting from local networks:

Here's a little program to add mail users to the database:

Please confirm if it did/didn't work for you, if it did i'd like to know your operating system and version of Sendmail and Procmail
For any suggestions, ideas, comments, corrections and bug fixes
drop me a line at paul@inet-interactive.com

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